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Contemporary Keyboard Harmony I

Price: USD 45.00

Contemporary Keyboard Harmony I

Course Description

Instructor: Greg Hannon

Learn the fundamental approach to understanding contemporary keyboard harmony. Master chords and modern chord voicings. Drastically improve you performance skills by sharpening your abilities. Increase your harmonic vocabulary and your ability to compose and arrange songs. Learn the most commonly used chords and progression in gospel, Contemporary Christian, R&B, Jazz and pop music that absolutely every musician must know.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the chord number system and the scale tone numbers
  • Learn the major scale and its application in contemporary music
  • Master rich modern chords voicing that can be applied to almost any song
  • Learn the eight diatonic chords that are used in literally thousands of songs
  • Learn valuable rhythm exercises that will get you grooving right away
  • Learn popular chord progressions used in many popular songs of today
  • Acquire the skills required to proceed to Keyboard Harmony II


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