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Contemporary Ear Training I

Price: USD 25.00

Contemporary Ear Training I

Course Description

Instructor: Greg Hannon

This Contemporary Ear Training I course is the same ear training module included with our acclaimed Contemporary Keyboard Harmony I course. This ear training course is designed for all musicians. You will learn the essential tools needed to transcribe music from an audio recording and how to hear and recognize chord progressions by ear.


Once you figure out the bass note and apply the scale tone number system to the bass line, the process for transcribing and playing by ear begins.

In this audio tutorial there are six levels you will complete. The lesson one and two audio examples illustrate 3 to 4 note numeric progressions played on the piano. These progressions are frequently used in contemporary music and are a necessity when learning to transcribe music.

Level three through six swaps over from the piano to the bass guitar gradually adding drums, percussions and eventually an entire band. The main objective of the ear training module is to continue hearing the bass line at varying levels of difficulty. Once you hear the bass line, determining the chord progression is simple.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn to hear and identify popular chord progressions by ear.
  • Learn to hear and transcribe the bass line from an audio track.
  • Learn to identify the numeric bass line as applied to the scale tone numbers
  • Learn how to isolate the instruments and singers on an audio track and hear the bass line
  • Acquire the skills required to proceed to Contemporary Ear Training II