GMU Instructor, Greg HannonGreg Hannon is a master gospel, Jazz, Pop and R&B pianist who has inspired thousands of students worldwide through one of the worlds leading online resources for Gospel instructional books and DVD's. Greg attended the A&M University in Huntsville Alabama on a music scholarship where he studied piano with classical pianist, Dr. Henry Bradford, Jr. while receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree. In 1998, he was award the Master of Music Degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

There he studied with Master Jazz educator, Jerry Coker and the world renowned jazz pianist, Donald Brown. He has performed and recorded with various jazz bands, big bands, church choirs and other pop music ensembles, as well as: produced stage plays and music for radio commercials. He is the author of the Elements of Gospel learning system and The Contemporary Chord Finder and the author of Worship Chords, Intro, Endings & More - DVD, A Gospel Christmas VOL 1 - DVD and A Gospel Christmas VOL 2- DVD.