Worship Chords

Objective: This lesson is designed to teach you how to replace those boring major triads with one of my favorite worship chord voicings.

L.H. = 1 5 1 / C G C
R.H. = 3 6 7 3 / E A B E

This chord is a major chord with an added 6th and 7th. These tones will give your chords that worship flavor... Experiment a little.. Try adding a 2nd, 6th or 7th to any major chord or triad to give it a more contemporary flavor.

Dear Student,

The following chords can be used to update an outdated sound. Anywhere
you would normally use a major triad, try substituting some of the chords

Assignment (Practice and Learn the following chords)

Major Chord w/added 6th & 7th

C Major - C G C / E A B E

Db Major - Db Ab Db / F Bb C F

D Major - D A D / F# B C# F#

E Major - E B E / G# C# D# G#

F Major - F C F / A D E A

Gb Major - Gb Db Gb / Bb Eb F Bb

G Major - G D G / B E F# B

Ab Major - Ab Eb Ab / C F G C

A Major - A E A / C# F# G# C#

Bb Major - Bb F Bb / D G A D

B Major - B F# B / D# G# A# D#

Practice Routine

Experiment with different rhythms. Try playing the chords using different
rhythmic patterns.

1) Practice chords in all twelve keys very slowly at first.

2) Practice chords using various broken patterns in various octaves.

3) Try holding down the L.H. Chord while continuously
arpeggiating or rolling the R.H. chord from top to bottom

4) Practice chords using a 1-4 pattern. For example:

C major to F major Db major to Gb major
D major to G major Eb major to Ab major etc.

Note: remember to experiment with the rhythms.

5) Practice whole step patterns rolling the chords. For example:

E major --- Gb major --- Ab Major
C major --- D major --- E Major etc.